GiGi Ferranti’s fine jewelry collection combines the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences, all interpreted with GiGi’s finely tuned delicate, yet powerful, feminine aesthetic. Her Italian heritage figures into all aspects of her designs, from the souvenirs of jewelry brought back from her grandparents when she was a child, to the awe she felt when visiting her ancestor’s homeland and seeing the great ancient architecture throughout Italy.  GiGi explains, “The beauty of how the cathedral stained glass windows and ornamental lines and forms interrelate continues to influence my collection since its launch in 2015.”


In addition to her ever evolving design aesthetic , GiGi associates precious jewelry with milestones in a woman’s life, from heirlooms to gifts to jewels purchased for achievements for oneself. GiGi admits to being “one of those kids who was adorned in jewelry even as an infant. My first piece was a baby bangle bracelet that was adjustable and expanded as you grew. I also had my ears pierced very early on.” GiGi explains, “I still have some of the jewelry I was given through my childhood and teenage years and when I look at it, it brings back such great memories.” She continues.


Although her past was filled with connections to jewelry, she began her career in fashion and eventually became co-owner of a luxury boutique in Brooklyn, which dressed women from head-to-toe. Gigi decided to switch gears when the neighborhood of the store began to change and she was also going through personal evolution in her life. “Sometimes you just need to move a few things around and rearrange what is not working anymore for what might.”


The jewelry collection continues to grow and evolve, attracting some of the top retail stores as well as press. GiGi has also expanded her stackable rings into a bridal collection with complimentary pieces for the entire wedding party.


 All of her designs display an artistic eye for color combinations and a connoisseur’s eye for the highest quality gemstones.  Additionally, her designs are built for maximum versatility.  “Feminine doesn’t have to mean fussy,” says GiGi. She softens her more graphic angular silhouettes with exuberant colors in vibrant gemstones infusing the collection with a strong modernity.”


 “Jewelry should represents today’s woman powerful and strong—yet at the same time, sentimental, reflective and sensitive to the world around her,” says the designer who embodies all that she strives for in her designs.







GIGI only uses reputable diamond and gemstone suppliers that stricly adhere to the requirements  of the Kimberley Process. 

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme is a process introduced by the United Nations in 2003. It was created to insure that all rough-cut diamonds originate from sources which are Conflict-Free. Under the terms of the KPCS, participating states must meet the minimum requirements and must put in place national legislation and institutions; export, import, and internal controls; and also commit to transparency and the exchange of data. The KPCS imposes extensive requirements on its members to enable them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as conflict-free and prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate trade.The United States participates in the KPCS.