November birthstone is Citrine and Topaz

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Nov 9th 2016

What a special month for November babies to have two choices for their birthstone.  It is often that the two are confused a lot in the pale yellowish tones but they are unrelated minerals. Topaz … read more

Pantone Color Island Paradise

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Nov 1st 2016

Lapis Lazuli is one of the Pantone Spring Fashion colors. The  Pantone color report helps designers choose what colors they should focus on for the season. Jewelers need to know this information … read more

The New Regalo Collection

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Oct 22nd 2016

When I create a collection or just a one- of- a- kind piece there is always meaning behind it!  For me the inspiration comes from a feeling or emotion that I can evoke with the story behind the p … read more

September birthstone is Sapphire

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on Sep 1st 2016

What a beautiful stone that is becoming more popular in designer jewelry because of the many colors its available in and with a hardness of  9 on the moh's scale with 10- (diamond) … read more

August Birthstone is Peridot and newly added Spinel

Posted by GIG FERRANTI on Aug 3rd 2016

The gorgeous hue of lime green and olive green are the most desirable and sought after colors of peridot. Also  found in yellowish green and brown but these are the least favorite colors. Its a s … read more