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The birth of the brand.

The first piece I sketched was the Bianca cuff. The geometric shape of the hexagon strengthens many structures found in nature. I love the clean lines and the classic aesthetic of the design. My inspiration was to create a cuff with a fresh look that can be easily worn. The hinge was an essential part of the design, [...]

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Why a Career in Jewelry

I started my career in jewelry because I love gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Being in fashion for so many  years, I wore jewelry and accessories all the time and it was an essential part of my job dressing women and making them feel beautiful. To me its the icing on the cake. I can't [...]

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Diamond- "The King of all Birthstones"

What a special month to have a birthday. Happy Birthday April! Diamond is the" King of all Birthstones", said to improve relationships, inner strength, balance, clarity and abundance. Diamonds take hundreds of thousands of years to form under the earths continental crust. They are the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world and [...]

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Gift Wrap and Gift Certificates

I have been getting asked questions regarding sending gifts or gift certificates on the website and just wanted to touch on that topic. So if you found the perfect gift on our website or saw a couple of items that your friend would like you can purchase a Gift Certificate. All Gift Certificates are sent through email and [...]

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NY Fashion Week Trends

I loved dressing women. Having over two decades of experience in fashion and dressing women has been very fullfilling to me. I enjoy helping women of all ages look their best especially if they have a special event or party to attend. Which brings me to this great look from New York Fashion week, which [...]

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Frequently asked questions

So many clients consistently ask me how to care for their jewelry, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it.I would like to start by saying the jewelry that I design is manufactured in NYC. I take pride in constructing my jewelry to last and withstand everyday wear, but there [...]

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Your first blog post!

What I want people to know I love diamonds and gemstones, in every shape and form! Faceted stones, cabochons, unique cuts, transparent, semi-transparent and opaque, you get the picture. My mission is to mix precious metals and bold geometric shapes with gorgeous colored gemstones. When someone comes to me with a custom design I love to explore into their mind [...]

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